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The Mold Medics Team decided to start this blog as an effort to combat some of the misinformation around mold and mold remediation. We hope that through these posts our customers and the general public will have a better understanding of Mold, Mold removal, and the health risks that mold may pose to your household and family. As we continue to learn together, we encourage you to share these posts with your friends and family so that they may also be informed. 

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Mold Test

Why Do I Need Mold Testing in My Property

We get asked this question a lot, “Do I need a mold test?”  The answer most of the time is no. If mold is visible and you know where the problem is, a mold test is usually not necessary. If this is the case, knowing the type of mold is irrelevant and hiring mold removal

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Dead Mold can still be dangerous to your health.

Why is Dead Mold Still Dangerous to Your Health?

Many people believe that once mold is dead, it is no longer dangerous—this is not the case! Whether mold is dead or alive, it can still be dangerous to your health. When mold dries out and becomes temporarily inactive, it is considered “dead” mold. This happens when mold is killed, perhaps with bleach, but not

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Mold Medics Mold Test

What Causes White Mold on Walls?

White mold is a species of mold that often grows in homes on walls or drywall. This white, powdery fungus is often difficult to detect as it may blend in with the material it is growing on. It appears white because its spores are not pigmented. As it reproduces, its spores may become pigmented, meaning

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Black Mold Exposure: Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention

Many types of indoor mold, most significantly black mold, can cause health problems, in some people more easily than others. The most at-risk groups include infants and children, senior citizens, people with allergies or asthma, and people with weakened immune systems who may be at risk of fungal infection. In general, the most significant concern,

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How to Prepare for Your Air Duct Cleaning

Your air ducts circulate your heating and cooling throughout your home. Over time dirt, dust, and debris accumulate in these channels, negatively affecting the comfort of your indoor environment. Professional Air Duct Cleaning will eliminate the contaminants and restore your indoor air quality. If you’ve never had this essential service performed, the following guide will

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How to Prepare For Mold Remediation

Congratulations on taking the first step in addressing your indoor air quality! Many customers ask, what do I need to do before Mold Medics comes to perform the work? Here are the most common things we need from you as well as answers to our most common questions… 1. Entry at the time of job Please communicate

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