What makes the Mold Medics Different? It's as as our process!

Our process begins when a customer reaches out by submitting a question or message on our website describing the problem they are experiencing. 

The Mold Medics Team will then reach out to schedule a free appointment to evaluate and assess your potential mold problem. 

After the mold issue is diagnosed, the Mold Medics are ready to begin work making your home healthy again! It’s that simple, because our process is simple! 

Contact Us Today!

Do you have what it takes to become a Mold Medic?

 If you think the answer is yes, ask yourself the following   questions and decide if you would be a good fit to join our team! 

 Q: Do You want to improve the lives of people who suffer just   from being in their own home?

 Q: Do you love the feeling of accomplishment that you get when  you know that you have helped someone?

 Q: Are you excited to try new things, learn new skills? 

 If the answer to these is “Yes” then you’ll likely be a good fit to   join our team!

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