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The Mold Medics Team decided to start this blog as an effort to combat some of the misinformation around mold and mold remediation. We hope that through these posts our customers and the general public will have a better understanding of Mold, Mold removal, and the health risks that mold may pose to your household and family. As we continue to learn together, we encourage you to share these posts with your friends and family so that they may also be informed. 

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5 Unconventional ways to humidify your home in the winter

What is relative humidity? In the mold remediation world, we often talk about keeping relative humidity in check. Relative humidity is the amount of water vapor that is in the air compared to how much water the air could actually hold at any given temperature. With heavy rains and humid air in spring, summer, and

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How to avoid mold growth in your bathroom

Why Do I Get Mold In My Bathroom? Author and social leader Bryant McGill said, “Balance in life is the key to everything.” He may not be speaking directly of moisture in your bathroom, but the saying also applies. Too much of anything can become a poison. And bathroom moisture causes big problems if imbalanced. In

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Attic Mold

The Mold Monster In Your Attic

Climbing into your attic is not something that people generally enjoy doing.  Your attic is likely a hot, stuffy place filled with itchy insulation and maybe even a spider or two. This  experience gets a whole lot worse when the smell or staining associated with mold greets you as you enter your attic space.  You may

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Mold on Ceiling

Is this Mold or Mildew

“That’s not mold, that’s just mildew!” – this is a phrase I hear every day on the job. There is a huge difference between these two fungi, but at some point throughout history the terms ‘mold’ and ‘mildew’ began to be used interchangeably. It’s important for you to know the difference between the two and

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Pittsburgh Street Flooding

Pittsburgh Rain Reveals Hidden Mold

Pittsburgh is experiencing a rainy year.  To local residents, this is an understatement.  With a 75% increase from the normal rainfall for the region, receiving over 34 inches through June 27th, 2018 has stolen headlines, swept away cars, claimed lives and caused significant monetary loss for residents and business owners alike.  While the rain has

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Mold Medics Mold Testing

Do I Need a Mold Test?

“Do I Need a Mold Test?” – this is one of the most common questions that we are asked. It’s a fair question, and one that warrants discussion. I’m going to go against many others in the industry and say that in many cases where customers ask us that question, the answer is no. You probably

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